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Music Direction, Arranging

Videos include Paul Rudolph conducting Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang for United Airlines "Heart" at Capitol Studios - Los Angeles Philharmonic strings added in a separate session later that day.   Jerry Nelson recording his songs at Nola, NY.  And a multitude of musical styles and character ranges within Sesame Street, all of which include Vocal Arrangements by Paul Rudolph.  For more selections visit Paul's Sesame Street YouTube playlist.


conducting session at Capitol Studios

music directing the Jerry Nelson band session, Nola

vocal music direction, arrangement

vocal music direction, arrangement

music directing Leslie Carrara-Rudolph band session

arrangement, vocal direction, mix

Music Director, Arranger, Prodcuer,

Mixer, Background Vocals

Click on either CD cover to hear selections from:  Muppet legend Jerry Nelson's original songs in Truro Daydreams, and multi-faceted entertainer Leslie Carrara-Rudolph's songs from

Wake Up Your Weird.

Music Director, Arranger, Mixer,

Percussion, Vocals

Composition, Sound Design

Clients include Sesame Street, SpeakEasy FX, United Airlines, Heather Henson, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph's Lolly Lardpop, Martin Robinson's Handy Man

For more selections visit Paul's YouTube playlist.

original composition for SpeakEasy FX, BBC

original composition for Sesame Street

sound design

Edinburgh Fringe Festival:  video / audio mashup of street musicians

original composition / score for Martin Robinson

original compositions for Heather Henson's 

"Panther And Crane"

Instruments, GLANK, etc...

Includes collaboration with OK Go, NPR Science Friday interview, and GLANK videos.  All GLANK pieces were written, recorded, edited and mixed by Paul.

For more visit the GLANK website or Paul's YouTube playlist.

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